Rensus was formed in 2006, and is run by degree qualified engineers. We pride ourselves on having the engineering knowledge and principles to be able to provide the most appropriate solution for our customers.

Family run, friendly, honest and zero-pressure

We are a friendly family run business and we receive daily praise for our helpful, honest and zero-pressure approach to sales. Our customers are always delighted to recommend us to friends and neighbours which is something we are very proud of.

Quality, performance and excellent value for money

Solar technology although new to many companies, is not new to us. We have gained vast experience with a wide range of products and components and offer our customers the best value sytems available. We ensure that every component down to the last nut and bolt is of the highest quality so that our customers will have complete peace of mind for decades to come.

See solar systems working in our showroom

We have established a modest showroom and office in Stirling where we are delighted to show customers our solar systems fully installed and working under real life Scottish weather conditions. Our commitment to our environmental principles has been praised by our customers and other members of the renewable energy industry.

Genuine commitment to the environment

We have a genuine passion for the environment and unlike many of the new companies on the market today, we started operating before the attractive government subsidies started. Our business is not just running to serve these subsidy schemes and it will continue growing after the schemes have ended.

We are not a double glazing company or 'one man band' which has decided to 'cash in' on the latest technologies.

Qualifications and experience

Our combined qualifications and training include the following;

  • Solar PV installation training
  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  • Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineeering - gas liquid and vortex
  • MSC degree in Geoscience
  • Post graduate degree in Renewable Energy Systems and the Environment

Law degree

In addition to academic qualifications our team has the following experiences;

  • Thermal Modelling of building envelopes
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling (CFD)
  • BREEAM ECOHOMES training
  • AIRTIGHTNESS testing qualification
  • Project management in Mechanical and Electrical contracting (projects upto £16mil)
  • Mechanical & Electrical project design (involvement in projects upto £300 mil)
  • Feel free to visit us in our Showroom


  • REAL Assurance Scheme
  • eco-web
  • Wagner Solar
  • Scottish Solar Energy Group
  • Green book live
  • Green Building Press