low energy demonstration house solar scotland

Rensus is working with top renewable and sustainable project architects to formulate an ECO House plan, and then build an eco house. The project will provide an opportunity for people to visit and temporarily live and interact with up and running renewable technologies.

PV Inverter during installation

Solar PV installation Fife

  • Hot Water cylinder during installation (Heated by Solar Thermal system and Air source Heatpump)

  • Solar Panel and Air Source Heatpump Cylinder

  • Underfloor Heating

  • Underfloor heating installation

  • Mechanical Ventillation Heat Recovery (MVHR)

  • Mechanical ventillation heat recovery (MVHR) scotland

  • Triple Glazing

  • Triple glazed windows

Triple glazing

NThermal Modelling Software

The Eco houses will be simulated using advanced thermal modelling software to optimise their design and to predict energy performance throughout the year, The modelling will for example, take into account the following; U-values for all materials, orientation, window openings, air change rates, local weather data (simulated for every hour of every day throughout the year), and much more. Even, heat gains from electrical appliances like TV's can be included. The results from the modelling will provide an accurate analysis of the buildings behaviour and will allow the design to be developed such that the buildings operate as efficiently as possible.

Eco Construction Materials

In addition to the thermal properties of materials used, extra care will be taken to ensure that the materials chosen are rated on their whole life cycle environmental impact. Locally sourced materials and labour will also be utilised.

Renewable Energy Technologies

The eco houses will benefit from extremely efficient renewable energy heating systems. The system designs have not been finalised but will involve a combination of solar water heating, biomass, heat pumps and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Using advanced software similar to that used for modelling the buildings themselves, a model will be created to optimise the heating system. This will take account of weather data (solar radiation), boiler characteristics/heat pump characteristics, and hot water usage patterns.

Rainwater harvesting systems will be installed and will supply toilets, washing machines and garden taps. All paints and finishes will be completely natural.

BREEAM assessment

The Eco House project has a dedicated BREEAM consultant. The EcoHomes scoring system for BREEAM is being used to influence the design process of the project in order to minimise the environmental impact of the development. This ranges from such factors as reducing impact of the construction process, to providing a secure area for bicycles to minimise automobile use.