Reasons to have confidence in our solar products

  • Around 1,000,000 m2 of our solar panels produced since 1979.
  • Winners of comparative solar performance tests in Germany against 12 of the major solar manufacturers (March 2009).
  • 1000 m2 of our solar panels are sold each day across Europe.
  • Key part of the first passively heated office block in Europe.
  • Multiple awards for excellent solar water heating products since 1987.
  • New Zero carbon solar panel manufacturing facility.
  • Reliability: 10 Years Solar panel guarantee with life expectancy in excess of 25 years.
  • Environmental commitment with, end of life responsible recycling policy.
  • Get from 50 to 70% of your annual hot water from the sun from our solar panels.
  • Inherent strength and durability of our solar panels
  • Our solar panels are MCS ( Microgeneration certification scheme) approved products.

diagram of a typical solar hot water system showing the panels, solar cylinder, pump station, and boiler

Rensus Ltd, a Scottish renewable energy company, was established by qualified engineers and as such, it is our underlying principle to offer highly efficient and affordable renewable energy systems. We are also members of the Scottish Solar Energy Group (SSEG) . Find out more about the Rensus team

Award Winning Solar Products

The hot water solar panels we supply were tested to be the one of the most efficient in Europe (ISFH 2001). In subsequent comparative testing in 2008 our solar pannels heating systems came top. Furthermore, there are 600,000 square metres of our German manufacturers' panels installed around the world, equating to a saving to date of 240 million litres of heating oil. Their headquarters (pictured below) is the first passively heated office block in Europe. It uses a large buffer tank (seen protruding from the roof) and a large panel surface. The resulting energy consumption is around 10% of that of standard offices.

Picture of Wagner & co, manufacturer of solar systems, headquarters

Commerical Solar Hot Water

We work closely with architects, contractors and of course the public in order to promote the use of renewable energy and sustainable building products in both new builds and renovations. We offer solar design and solar installation services for large solar water heating projects including; solar heated swimming pools, community centres, solar hot water panels for hotels, apartment blocks, solar panels for hospitals and solar heating for schools. Have a look at our services section for examples of large scale solar water heating projects using the products we supply.

Environmental Commitment “Blauer Engel“ label

All Wagner & Co collectors have been awarded the environmental label “Blauer Engel“, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious eco-labels. It means that when Wagner & Co solar systems have reached the end of their service-lifetime, after numerous years of reliable operation, our company is willing, to take back and recycle your solar collectors.

YouTube video presentation of solar hot water products used by Rensus Ltd Video presentation of our solar hot water products


We can deliver solar panel products across Scotland and the UK. Where possible we wil load a complete system onto a single pallet so that delivery costs are kept to a minimum. This also ensures that all components required arrive together. Delivery can be arranged directly to site or to wherever is most convenient.